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15th annual MHOC 2016 LAN information
What: 15th Annual Lan Party 2016
Where: Yankton Public Library
When: Starts at 5 PM August 6th 2016 and goes 24 hours!
Cost: Suggested Donation $15 at the door. Money after expenses is donated to the library!
Register: Register to enter here Remember pre-registering saves you a seat and gets you a free bottle of Bawlz!
Food: Pizza will again delivered for Dinner! Bawlz will be sold at the event aslo.
What games: Most popular games include: TF2, COD4, BF1942, L4D, Mech4, Blur, Empiremod, Quake 3, Insurgency But likley many more will be played!!! Please NOTE: We will NOT be officially supporting or playing CoD:MW2, BF:BC2, Battlefield 4, DOOM, or Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, Hero's of the Storm, Overwatch, due to Online requirments.

MHOC LANs Sponsored by Thermaltake!!!
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